Meet some of the family in the kitchen

The place were from where magic arises. The kitchen is the heart and soul of life at Fridays.


There are two key reasons why our guests visit Fridays - to eat our food and to be entertained. Whether you are storing the food correctly, washing the plates so they shine, cooking the steaks, ribs and burgers on the broiler, frying our seasoned, hot, crispy fries, plating the double layered nachos or preparing the creamy mash and seasonal veg to complete the meal you play a huge part in entertaining the guest with food that leaves the window sizzling, crispy, juicy and hot and most importantly looking too good to eat.

Jobs in the kitchen

Role Store Employment type Date closes
Commis Chef Teesside, Cleveland Full or Part time 27/02/2020
Dish Potwash Brighton Marina, Brighton Full time 28/02/2020
Dish Potwash Croydon Full or Part time 28/02/2020
Commis Chef Bath, Somerset Full time 29/02/2020
Commis Chef Meadowhall, Meadowhall Full time 01/03/2020
Dish Potwash Meadowhall, Meadowhall Full time 01/03/2020
Commis Chef Guildford, Surrey Part time 02/03/2020
Commis Chef Leeds Full time 02/03/2020
Commis Chef Bracknell Full time 04/03/2020
Dish Potwash Bracknell Part time 05/03/2020
Dish Potwash Bracknell Full time 05/03/2020
Commis Chef Glasgow Fort, Glasgow Full or Part time 06/03/2020
Dish Potwash Glasgow Fort, Glasgow Full or Part time 06/03/2020
Commis Chef Cabot Circus, Bristol Full or Part time 19/03/2020
Commis Chef Silverburn, Glasgow Full or Part time 24/03/2020
Commis Chef Watford Central, Watford Full time 30/04/2020