Role Bartender

Becoming a TGI Fridays bartender makes you part of a special circle of elite bartenders... your personality will shine as you entertain our guests with flairing, cocktail knowledge and banter.


The Corner Bar is your stage. You entertain guests while they wait for their table with your showmanship, witty stories, magic tricks and flair and that's while you are also shaking or muddling the freshest and boldest cocktails, pouring the beer and blending the smoothies.

Not only do you need to entertain the guests around the bar you also make sure no guest who is dining is left thirsty and without a drink. It's not just the drinks list you need to be an expert on - should a guest want to go off piste and we have the ingredients you have a chance to show your expertise.

You will naturally be:

  • Friendly, polite, outgoing and able to let your personality shine;
  • Energetic, approachable and determined to make every guest feel special;
  • A team player;
  • Organised and able to multi-task, looking after front bar as well as service bar.

We will help you understand:

  • Our ON POINT service standards and tailor to every occasion;
  • Our theories, heritage and culture;
  • Our tasty cocktail recipes.

Bartender job opportunities

Role Store Employment type Date closes
Bartender Birmingham NEC, Birmingham Full or Part time 20/09/2018
Bartender Southampton Part time 21/09/2018
Bartender Staines Full or Part time 21/09/2018
Bartender Glasgow Fort, Glasgow Part time 22/09/2018
Bartender Aberdeen Union Square, Aberdeen Full or Part time 23/09/2018
Bartender Kingston, Surrey Part time 23/09/2018
Bartender Leicester Full or Part time 23/09/2018
Bartender Silverburn, Glasgow Full or Part time 23/09/2018
Bartender Bracknell Full or Part time 25/09/2018
Bartender Birmingham Full or Part time 27/09/2018
Bartender Braintree Full or Part time 29/09/2018
Bartender Junction 27, West Yorkshire Full or Part time 29/09/2018
Bartender Cheadle, Stockport Full time 30/09/2018
Bartender Croydon Full time 30/09/2018
Bartender Cribbs Causeway, Bristol Full time 01/10/2018
Bartender Stevenage Full or Part time 02/10/2018
Bartender Edinburgh Part time 31/10/2018
Bartender Milton Keynes Stadium Part time 31/10/2018
Bartender Watford Nights (Part time) 02/03/2019