Meet some of the family in the restaurant

Family is everything at Fridays, our restaurant team is devoted to bringing the party alive and ensuring our guests have an amazing experience.


Whether it's answering the phone or greeting the guest at the door — as the "Animal on the Door" you hold the restaurant in the palm of your hand. You are the first and last Fridays face the guests see so it's crucial you connect with every single one. By understanding what experience the guest is looking for you seat them in the right area to maximise sales, start the show with a balloon model for the kids (the king), personalise the visit by letting the guest know who will be looking after them and then let the rest of the team know what the celebration is #justbecause and when it's birthday time you lead the singing as if it was the last birthday ever to be celebrated.

Serving Assistant

Where would we be without YOU?! As you are key to ensuring the guests visit runs smoothly. You set the table for the guests to sit at. It's your hands that run the food, ensuring by the time it reaches the guest it's still "fit for family" and the drinks from the service bar. You create the desserts that light up the faces of the guest and create the WOW at the table and when they leave with a full belly and a smile on their face you start all over again for the next guest. You are the cog that enables the w/w to think ahead for the guest and deliver the ultimate guest experience.

Waiter / Waitress

It's your "Signature on the Job" that makes you unique and every guest experience full of unique personality. The guest's needs are your main focus. Tailoring your service so the guest has the experience they are looking for. Whether that be understanding what they want to eat or drink and sizzling the right app, main, side, dessert or drink, thinking ahead of time to make sure they have topped up drinks when required, wipes for sticky fingers from their rack of JD ribs, the bill when they're ready to pay and the PDQ ready and working for payment. In a nutshell, you celebrate with the guest and keep them smiling long after they have gone home.


The Corner Bar is your stage. You entertain guests while they wait for their table with your showmanship, witty stories, magic tricks and flair and that's while you are also shaking or muddling the cocktails, pouring the beer and blending the smoothies. Not only do you need to entertain the guests around the bar you also make sure no guest who is dining is left thirsty and without a drink. It's not just the drinks list you need to be an expert on - should a guest want to go off piste and we have the ingredients you have a chance to show your expertise.