Managers Stories
Chris Broadstock

Role: Restaurant Manager

Location: Prestwich

Recruited: Imported Manager - 'refer a friend'

Recruited as: ARM in May 2015

Promoted in: 14 Months to Restaurant Manager

Length of service: 2 years

There are many reasons why I wanted to join Fridays. To be part of a brand that rewards great performance, embraces individuality and genuinely cares about every single member of our Fridays family is incredible. My vision of the perfect dining experience is Fridays through and through making my decision to join the Fridays and extremely simple one.

One of the best things about Fridays is the culture we live and breathe, it establishes a high expectation of our team members and creates and environment that allows us to flourish. Throughout my journey so far I have created some incredible friendships and constantly thrive to better myself, Fridays allows me all of these things.

The training I received when I joined Fridays was second to none. The programme was built around my areas for growth and amended where ever necessary; I shared quality time with incredible team members and managers who were helpful at every step along my training. I was provided with a solid foundation to build my career upon.

Since joining the brand I don't see a future for me anywhere else. TGI Fridays is full of opportunities for those that want them and are willing to work hard for them.

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