Managers Stories
Faye Humphries

Role: Restaurant Manager

Location: Meadowhall

Recruited: Imported Manager

Promoted: to Restaurant Manager after 2 years service

I was first interested in FRiDAYS management, for the personal aspect. I didn't get a "run of the mill" vibe from the company when I looked at it from an outside perspective. After a little research and a chat with Sophie, FRiDAYS didn't feel like something you could become but it was something you already are... and I knew I was FRiDAYS!

For a company to have an approach for absolute excellence, being the best in the industry while pushing individuals to be exactly themselves at the same time. It was something I wanted to be a part of instantly.

As an external employee I had 8 weeks of pure red and white! Haha and I loved it.... It gave me great exposure of what I really needed to become a successful manager. I was put in a store that was specifically for managers in training so the team knew exactly what to do to make me feel welcome and teach me the core principles of what it takes to be a FRiDAYS manager!

My future? It's red and white!!! I've just been promoted to RM level with a development plan to become GM by 2020. I put in a lot of hard work on my short and fun filled journey here and it's all paying off.

A personal highlight for me is my store - We're diverse, were a bit silly, we're excitable, were busy, we're different... but we're FRiDAYS! and to be able to walk into that everyday is a blessing.

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