Managers Stories
Kelly Green

Role: Restaurant Manager

Location: Leeds White Rose

Recruited: Imported Manager

Length of service: 3 years

As a family, we always ate at FRIDAYS as a family treat, we always had such love for going; it held a lot of memories. When at Uni, it also became 'the place to eat' with friends. After having consistently great experiences at FRIDAYS, I decided that I needed to work there!

Although there were many challenges along my way, I am now overwhelmed by the wins... Firstly the recognition in store means so much, then I received my silver star from THE CEO Karen Forrester herself, I'm not going to lie, my eyes filled. I even won an IPad Mini on the recognition Marc card she gave me, and then... last year at conference in Barcelona (fantastic) I received my Assistant Restaurant Manager of the year award; the feeling of getting this award was beyond words and am still very proud of myself. With the support I have had around me I have developed in to Restaurant Manager and now I am super excited to be part of a New Store Opening as RM. The appreciation for the hard work I have put in is second to none.

Although this is a snippet of my time at FRIDAYS so far, there are too many fantastic memories to share in my story but all of them have led to the successes that I have endeavoured now and cannot wait to continue to strive and flourish further within the FRIDAYS community.


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