Managers Stories
Marc Young

Role: Assistant Restaurant Manager

Location: Stevenage

Recruited: Imported Manager

Length of service: 1 year

I applied for the position of Assistant Restaurant Manager for TGI Fridays in April 2016 after seeing the development of a new store opening in Stevenage, at that time I was working for a direct competitor within very close proximity. Although I thought I was contented with my previous employment I felt unmotivated and received little in the way of support for my development as a restaurant manager. It can be extremely difficult to motivate and encourage others to be the best if you yourself are not looked after and supported. I had heard from acquaintances that TGI Fridays were a fantastic and rewarding company to work for. Well I was not wrong!

The Fridays Managers in Training (MiT) programme - I have never received training so in-depth nor have I met so many passionate individuals who have helped me along the way. Spending 4 weeks in the kitchen has been the most integral part of my journey so far this has given me a completely new perspective of restaurant management something I feel I would never had received otherwise.

Now I am well underway in my home store Stevenage where I intend to develop my knowledge of management further under the supervision of our exceptional general manager Ali and the team. After achieving my degree in Marketing and setting my sights for a career in Restaurant Management I believe that I am now in the right place with TGI Fridays to pursue my aspirations.

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