Managers Stories
Tom Love

Role: Restaurant Manager

Location: Crawley

Recruited: Imported Manager

Length of service: 1 year

I previously worked for Nando's and wanted to find a role in a restaurant that was more customer focused and provided more service. As I like to be more interactive with the guests I saw a great opportunity with TGI Fridays. I know a few people who worked for TGI Fridays in the past and they have all had great opportunities and gone on to do great things, so I thought this could be the place for me.

My MIT training all started with my kitchen training which I really enjoyed. It was made easier by fitting my training around my needs and at my speed. I got stuck in straight away and didn't hang about!! The more I pushed myself the more they pushed me too. The BOH team at Fareham were great with their skills and knowledge and would help in any way possible with my training, no matter how big or small. As an external candidate coming into the company it didn't take long to learn the menu and recipes for the lovely food we serve thanks to the great BOH team at Fareham.

From there I did my FOH Training which was so fun it flew by in no time at all. At first, I would stand back a little and take in the way things are done at TGI Fridays, but it wasn't long before I was given the run of the restaurant with relative freedom. I would run the shifts with a manager supporting me but giving me my space to learn the TGI Fridays way with coaching to make sure it was done the right way. All in all my training with TGI Fridays was brilliant with great guidance and understanding and lots of fun and has fully prepared me for my role.

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