Ops Director Stories
Lee Zurybida

Role: Director of Operations

Recruited: Homegrown Operations (Area Manager)

Length of service: 18 years

I started my Fridays career back in June 1999! And after a successful interview with the then GM I was learning the kitchen as a trainee plate nacho line chef. The training was first class and I still recall and own to this day my first certification pin awarded to me I loved the training I received. The ability to move from station to station, certifying, getting paid more all whilst learning enabled me to realise I knew what I wanted - I wanted to be the Kitchen manager and ONE DAY I would be, I just knew it.

My Friday's career has been full of interest. I have worked with some truly great people in my time (MANY of which I still do). From my first AKM appointment to becoming a Fridays GM took me five years where I enjoyed a very successful career as a GM in a number of our restaurants. So, for me Fridays is about great people in the first instance.

The training is second to none when we get it right, the ability to better yourself and progress is very evident at all levels. Our restaurants are industry leading - they make you feel proud. The food and drink combined with the atmosphere is world class. Fridays is simply a great place to work, eat, drink and socialise.

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