Role Serving Assistant (SA's)

Becoming a Serving Assistant at TGI Fridays is a really rewarding experience... your main responsibilities are to make sure everything runs smoothly to create the perfect guest experience, from table bussing to food / drink running as well as making some of our mouth watering desserts!


Our guests come to Friday's to let their hair down and have a unique and memorable experience, where would they be without YOU?! As you are key to ensuring the guests visit runs smoothly. You set the table for the guests to sit at. It's your hands that run the food, ensuring by the time it reaches the guest it's still "fit for family" and the drinks from the service bar.

You create the desserts that light up the faces of the guest and create the WOW at the table and when they leave with a full belly and a smile on their face you start all over again for the next guest. You are the cog that enables the W/W to think ahead for the guest and deliver the ultimate guest experience.

You will naturally be:

  • Friendly, polite, outgoing and able to let your personality shine;
  • Energetic, approachable and determined to make every guest feel special;
  • Organised and able to multi-task via head sets and maximise sales by working with the door team to smashing covers targets.

We will help you understand:

  • Our service standards;
  • Our theories, heritage and culture;
  • Our fantastic food and tasty cocktails.

Serving assistant job opportunities

Role Store Employment type Date closes
Serving Assistant Leicester Square, London Full or Part time 22/03/2019
Serving Assistant Southampton Part time 23/03/2019
Serving Assistant Stevenage Full or Part time 25/03/2019
Serving Assistant Liverpool One, Liverpool Part time 26/03/2019
Serving Assistant Sheffield Part time 27/03/2019
Serving Assistant Teesside, Cleveland Part time 27/03/2019
Serving Assistant Milton Keynes Stadium Part time 30/03/2019
Serving Assistant Reading Part time 30/03/2019
Serving Assistant Aberdeen Beach, Aberdeen Full or Part time 31/03/2019
Serving Assistant Liverpool - Speke, Liverpool Part time 31/03/2019
Serving Assistant Braintree Part time 01/04/2019
Serving Assistant (New Store) Rushden Lakes, Rushden Full or Part time 02/04/2019
Serving Assistant Meadowhall, Meadowhall Full or Part time 03/04/2019
Serving Assistant Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands Part time 03/04/2019
Serving Assistant Fareham Part time 05/04/2019