Managers Stories
Adam Friend

Role: Food & Drink Implementation Executive

Location: Support Centre - Luton

Recruited: Homegrown

I started as a bartender at Prestwich in 2005, with a view to getting as much knowledge as possible then leaving to join a cruise line! Little did I know that I would soon become totally engrossed in the Fridays ethos - it truly is a way of life. I soon progressed to the position of New Store Opening Coach, and was given the opportunity to spend time coaching bartenders and managing training teams all over the world (the tiny Micronesian island of Guam being one of many highlights!).

I was a hugely passionate competitor in both the Mixology and Bartender Challenge competitions, and even participated in our amazing Guinness World Record for synchronised flairing - orchestrating 105 uniformed bartenders via PA system in Covent Garden Piazza was a truly proud moment.

I eventually certified as a Master Bartender, gaining the knowledge and skills to make over 500 cocktails from memory, and in 2013 was given the opportunity to lead teams in cities across the UK on a Fridays double decker bus (complete with mixology bar!), showcasing a range of cocktails that I had had the privilege to develop.

After training as a manager, and taking a brief stint out of the business to broaden my knowledge of the wider industry, started my current role of Food and Drink Implementation Executive. As well as supporting stores by ensuring that recipes and training packs are up to date and accurate, I have a hand in the innovation, implementation and execution of new food and drink products. It's an incredibly rewarding job with massive variety - I can be as creative as I like and no two days are the same! Here I am on a Husky Riding trip in Lyon with Coors Light Beer!

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