Your role as a WW Shift Leader is a big one! You will wok with the Manager on duty to coordinate the bookings and organise the floor plan. You'll understand the strength of your team ensuring your aces are in place and you know how to buddy up weaker Team Member with those who are strong. You will drive great Guest feedback across your whole team and consistently communicate with the Managers, kitchen and door to ensure the shift runs smoothly.

You will naturally be:

  • Respected by your team as you remain calm under pressure;
  • A role model who adheres to Fridays standards 100% of the time;
  • Friendly, polite and full of smiles - you are the face of your Fridays!
  • Able to view your restaurant through an operators eyes enabling you to see who in your team needs support and where the opportunities are;
  • Fair and consistent with sections, handovers and break-down duties.

We will help you understand:

  • How to be resilient in making difficult decisions to benefit the team, Guest and to ensure a successful smooth running shift;
  • The tools available to run a profitable shift;
  • Ways to coach and develop your team to ensure they are motivated to deliver ON POINT service and memorable Guest experiences;
  • How adapt your leadership style to be confident and credible leader within Fridays Family.